A VR end-to-end model.

OUR MISSION: to create the  world’s most effective
non-drug intervention for a range of global conditions
that affect millions.

Bringing together data, hardware & applied science to solve pain and stress

Strong proven partners.

How does it work?

Biometric sensor & feedback loop

The TheraVR closed-loop technology is a wearable headset that uses embedded sensors to acquire high-temporal resolution EEG, along with other metrics of ECG, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and blood oxygen.

Artificial Inteligence as a backbone

The biosignals that are recorded are then processed by AI to extract the stress index that indicates the effectiveness of the immersive 360° VR content.

Content adjusted and personalised

The content adjusts and personalises in response to the user’s biofeedback. The goal is to optimise visual aspects of the VR content without prior knowledge about the individual patients.

Early evidence proves efficacy.

Our Innovation.

An end-to-end model.

Current technology in the market does not include biometric sensors or a feedback loop so real-time monitoring of the patient’s response is not possible. As the acute biological state of a patient is not measured, these technologies are unable to react to individual characteristics or responses to content.

The biofeedback feature and patient-specific content are distinct innovative aspects of our TheraVR- closed-loop technology that allows us to account for biological variations within the population. Our technology can be used to offer highly personalised therapies.

A highly personalised treatment option for anxiety disorders.

Our Grant Project

We're excited to announce that we were successful in the Mindset extended reality (XR) competition for digital mental health. Our project "A Closed-Loop MR Interface offering highly personalised mental health solutions" is set to commence mid-February, and we're recruiting!

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Our technology in the field.

Our technology is currently being tested in a clinical study as part of a collaborative philanthropic project for stress and pain management in children aged 7-12 during chemotherapy.

The preliminary results are very promising. Collaborators include our team, Centre for Science & Policy at the University of Cambridge and Rantisy Specialised Paediatric Hospital with support from WHO and the MAP charity.

Our next study is underway and is focused on evaluating the effects of TheraVR intervention on patients undergoing haemodialysis.

Clinical trial response.

Thera VR is currently outlining programmes to test our proprietary technology in a clinical trial setting.
The primary clinical focus is cancer. Patients will be able to experience while receiving a gold standard treatment.
Thera VR is interested to see if we can improve treatment response metrics across the board. If you would like to know more about technology please contact us today